lelakitakpuas.com looks at some other reasons for the recent flash floods in Singapore.

Some reasons cited for the recent flash floods in Singapore are: “extraordinary rain”, “circle line”, etc. Why can’t the reasons be bala’

? Calamities? Punishments! People are committing adulteries everywhere! Surprisingly the adulterous wives are being handsomely rewarded. Innocent parties are being ordered to give away their hard earned monies to those who are not at all entitled to. Injustice? Of course it is. But to some it is not. It is either they failed to see or refused to see that it is not justifiable.

On the issue of inheritance, many people are being dispossessed of their assets/belongings by some unscrupulous and greedy people who would otherwise could not have ‘ inherited’ or entitled to the inheritance, had it not been for the discrepancies in the law. They are relying on laws which are favourable to them but not sanctioned or deemed ‘halal’ in the eyes of Islamic law. It is our duty to ask for a change in the law. The people who are authorised to change the laws are ‘turning a blind eye’ to the discrepancies in the law.

Some points to ponder?

Calamities are on the way! Repent now before it is too late.