lelakitakpuas.com WARNS OF BOOBY TRAPS


Assalamu ‘alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Dear friends and visitors of lelakitakpuas.com

Many of you had asked me why I have not updated my website with new postings. In

fact, I have a lot of cases to be shared and to be posted in here. But my tight schedule has prevented me from writing.

While meeting clients and attending court hearings are my daily routine, I have to prepare for Persatuan Guru-guru AlQuran’s Annual General Meeting (PERGERAQ’S AGM) to be held on 1st May 2010. And I have to attend meetings of the newly formed Association of Muslim Lawyers(AMLA) of which I am one of the committe members. In the midst of this heavy schedule, I am also preparing for my exams which are just round the corner.

I thought of adding more stories/cases somewhere in July but today, I have to allocate some moments of my precious time to respond to one of the comments made by someone who identified herself as Anonymous, posted on 14 April 2010.

I have to respond to it quickly because I consider her comments as a ‘small minefield’ which appears on this goldmine of mine. Of course I regard this website a goldmine because I am doing ‘dakwah’. Allah loves those who do dakwah and He promises big rewards on persons who are involved in dakwah. But there exists in this goldmine a ‘booby trap’ looking for its preys.

In her comments, Anonymous asked:


She put 4 question marks.

I hope nobody answer this question because this is a ‘booby trap.’ Once this question is answered, it will mark the end of lelakitakpuas.com. Responding to this question, will end my wish to do dakwah: ‘amr ma’aruf, nahyi mungkar.

In doing dakwah, I have to tackle the issues in hand. I must observe ethics of disagreement. I have to be rational. Not to be personal. Not to undermine anyone, be rude to anyone or question the credibilities of anyone, etc.

Sorry Anonymous, I know who you are. You want to derail my dakwah platform, don’t you? You simply do not want to believe the stories that I posted. You do not believe that I am a lawyer. You said that I am an impostor. You want people to question my credibility, my honesty,etc. You said, “in the cyberworld anybody can do everything while nobody knows who is the real you.”

I have given away so much about myself but you obstinately refused to accept the fact that I am a lawyer. You said that your social worker friends had not heard of my name. Social worker? Didn’t I tell you in my last e-mail to call Syariah Court and ask for my name. The Syariah Court personnels have always been sending divorcing parties to me for commissioning i.e. to get their affidavits affirmed before me, a Commissioner for Oaths.

The one who ‘is doing everything in this cyberworld’ is you, not me. You made accusations. You made wild allegations. And you hide your identity. You mention your social worker contacts. Who are they? Please come forward. Why social worker? Why not add the names of lawyers to your list of contacts. Ask the lawyers about me. Let us meet. I can show you my collection of files.

I know your hidden agenda. Insya Allah I will not fall into your trap.

For your information, I have Muslims and Muslimahs, ladies and gentlemen who have faith in Allah, who visited lelakitakpuas.com, who are very encouraging and are supportive of what I am doing. They lend me their support because they do not want their fellow Muslim brothers/sisters to be oppressed or deprived of justice (dizalimi, Malay).

I have no grudge against anyone. I want Allah’s commandments to be rightly interpreted and not to be interpreted out of context. And not to be interpreted in favour of anyone party because in the eyes of Allah everyone of us is equal except for one’s taqwa.

Please do not set more traps.


Let us reciprocate those who want to demoralise me, belittling me with a do’a, O Allah, please show them the right path. Amin.

thank you.